Sell TTR Multifunctional Lifesaving Helium Balloon

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We are Shenzhen Tantel Scientific & Creative Park. This product is our patent and the patentee is our general manager.
For escaping from airplane, steamer and high building urgently, and it is very compact, convenient and functional. Its sphere, hoist cable and safety strap are both made from fire-proof and waterproof material. The sphere is very hard to have a puncture. The gas in the balloon is helium, a kind of inert gas which is 6 times lighter than air. The balloon has an attention light and an audible alarm. While it is going to land, it will raise the alarm. You can see its attention light alarm at a distance of 10kilometres or so, therefore, it is more convenient to search and rescue the accident victims. When it is necessary, you have only to pull the choke lightly, and then the balloon will de filled with helium about 5 seconds later. What is more, a normal parachute can not save the passengers from low - flying aircraft but ttr multifunctional lifesaving helium balloon can. That is to say, ttr lifesaving helium balloon rewrites the history of almost a hundred years of parachute.
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