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Tahini paste is made from crushed sesame seeds and has quite a nutty taste. Tahini is a source of calcium, protein and B vitamins. Tahini is a good source of essential fatty acids (EFA) , these EFA's are used in helping to maintain healthy skin. Because one of the ingredients in tahini is sesame oil it has quite a high calorie content. Because of this tahini should be used in moderation. The good news is the majority of fats in tahini are unsaturated rather than saturated.
Tahini is a source of vitamin E which helps to reduce the rate of ageing in body cells. Sesame seeds are also a good source of the amino acid Methionine. Methionine is an important contributor to liver detoxification and helps with the absorption of other amino acids.

Available packs for fast consume or wholesalers; 300 gr and 550 gr in glass jars, 1250 gr in plastic drum, 1000 gr in plastic bucket, 1400 gr in plastic pet. For portion packs are available 20 gr, 25 gr, 30 gr and 40 gr.
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