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This is a kind of precision-machined brass part. We would like to provide custom parts, which needs to be produced by cutting, turning, milling or any other CNC machining

Hang Zhou Fulai Mechanical Parts Co. , Ltd locates in Hangzhou city, China. It is established as a united export department on the representative of HUILI etc. and several local factories. Our company focuses on the various custom metal parts, mostly of them as follows:
--Sheet metal forming/press/stamping parts such as aluminum cases and cabinets. (The factory is equipped with advanced machines such as CNC punch/bending machines, laser cut machine and MIG/TIG welding machines etc) .
--Precision custom metal parts & components such as steel rollers/idlers, shafts, beams, frames etc. via operation of turning, drilling, milling, grinding and welding etc.
In addition, we provide not only custom parts but also relative service such as design, surface treatment(paint, zinc plating and anodizing etc. ) and assembly for components.
As an experienced custom metal parts provider, we are looking forward to be your subcontractors or OEM as long-term cooperating partners. We promise to offer the parts with high-level quality, fast delivery and competitive price.