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With the AUTOSVS TECHNOLOGY OBD-Edition, opening the TV-DVD facility is as easy as ABC. In just a few seconds you can unlock the facility in the customers car itself. All the necessary installation connections, codes and options are automatically carried out by the software. You need only just to choose the menu option 'TV free'

AUTOSVS TECHNOLOGY OBD-Edition is always a good investment tool. After approximately 10-15 times of using the product you will has already paid for itself!

Microprocessor controlled unit with K-Line or CANBUS Diagnosis support.
Clear user instructions with a 4-key only menu.
No laptop necessary. Faster and direct access to the diagnostic port.
Easy to use display with 2x8 LCD-Display.
Different software options can be chosen for different versions.
Easy and safe to use menu structure.

OBD accessories with fitting plastic case and operating instructions are included. The menu is obtainable in German or English.

TV-Free A3 RNS-E
TV-Free A6 MMI
TV-Free A8 MMI
TV-Free Q7 MMI
TV-Free A6 MMI from 06/2006
TV-Free A8 MMI from 06/2006
TV-Free Q7 MMI from 06/2006
3er TV-Free E90 *in preparation*
5er TV-Free E60
6er TV-Free E63 *in preparation*
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 3er E46
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 5er E38
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 7er E39
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 X3
TV -Free MK3 - MK4 X5 E53
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 Z4 E85
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 Z8
TV-Free C-Klasse -2003
TV-Free E-Klasse -2002
TV-Free M-Klasse -2004
TV-Free S-Klasse -2003
TV-Free SL-Klasse -2003
TV-Free CL-Klasse -2003
TV-DVD-Free E-Klasse W211
TV-DVD-Free S-Klasse W220
TV-DVD-Free SL R230
TV-DVD-Free SL R230
TV-DVD-Free SLK R171
TV-DVD-Free CL W215
TV-DVD-Free CLS W219
DVD Region Code Free E + CLS + SLK
TV-DVD-Free S-Class W221
Seatbelt acoustics deactivationW221
Seatbelt acoustics deactivation A-Klasse
Seatbelt acoustics deactivation B-Klasse
Seatbelt acoustics deactivation C-Klasse
Seatbelt acoustics deactivation E-Klasse
Seatbelt acoustics deactivation CLS
Seatbelt acoustics deactivation SLK
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 One
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 One D
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 Cooper
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 Cooper S
TV-Free Cayenne
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 25
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 45
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 75
TV-Free MK3 - MK4 75 Tourer