Sell TV Game Player with MP4 (PDVD8048)

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Product Description
( play DVD disc; play MPEG4 disc or file on USB disc; Analog TV receive( World TV system ) ; FM receive; Read USB flash disc or USB mini fix disc; NES 8 bit game with two handle; AV output/input function )

8. 4 inches sharp TFT(4: 3) , resolution (640 x 480 x RGB pixels)
Super-thin (thickness 25mm) & Light Design for convenient travelOptical digital output for DTS & Dolby Digital AC-3 video
Built-in audio of 5. 1 sound channels out
Virtual Surround Sound (V. S. S) output.
Standard Audio &Video line output.
TV Functions enjoy program &. FM Radio
TV system include almost all system in the world, PAL B/G, PAL D/K, PAL I, SECAM B/G, SECAM D/K, SECAM L, NTSC M
FM output(88MHz---108MHz) to transmit audio signal to car radio (Optional by customer) , you don't connect the signal cable.
* Built-in Lithium ion rechargeable battery,
Full functions, Slim size remoter for easy operations and convenience
* Built-in Stereo speakers for great sound just about anywhere
Normal (4: 3) / Wide (16: 9) /Zoom Screen Selector lets you adjust the picture size
* Play DVD, film CD, inter-dynamic full motion video CD, MP3, ESP (Electronic shock-proof) functions
Built-in TV tuner, , enjoy TV program.
* Optical output for DTS and AC-3Dolby Digital Surround Sound allows for amazing home theater sound quality
* Virtual Surround Sound for theater-like experience
* 96KHZ/24-bit Audio D/A converter for enhanced system flexibility digital audio out
* On-Screen Menu icons to help guide operation
* Horizontal definition 500 lines, image resolution: 800 X480
* 27MHz/10-bit Digital video-out (optical) for enhanced system flexibility
* Still picture display (I/P/B) freezes an image to allow for precise picture quality adjustment
* Auto switching Field/Frame still for added versatility.
Frame advance (Forward & Reverse) for incredible control
Operating Instructions:
* Twin laser for DVD/CD Playback
Chapter Preview, Standard remote control
* Hi-Speed Smooth Motion Scan: 5 Speed up to 100 Speed allows crystal clear scan quality while locating desired locations on a disc
* On-Screen Menu Icons to help guide operation
* Using high CPU, full-functions Chinese/English language control
* Automation saving for screen
Standard Audio & Video line output, connect to TV or any audio amplifier
* Signal system: PAL /NTSC/AUTO, TV SYSTEM
* Receiving TV system in 90% countries of the world, it includes PAL BG/ DK/ I; NTSC M; SECAM BG/ DK/ L
Receiving FM Radio, frequency 88MHZ~108MHZ.
* Rechargeable battery, about 180--240 minutes of Playback with included battery pack,

Standard Accessories

* Audio/ Video Cables
* Remote Control
* AC adapter
* Car power adapter
* Rechargeable Battery Pack
* Headphone
* Antenna (aerial)
* CATV cable connector

* Signal system: PAL/ NTSC/AUTO
Video format: DVD: Format, Horizontal definition more than 500 line, image resolution: 800 X480
* Frequency Response: DVD-Video (fs96kHz) 4HZ-44KHZ CD/Video CD (44. 1kHz) 4Hz-20kHz
* Dynamic Range: CD >=97 D B
* Power Source: AC Input 100~240V, 50Hz/60Hz Output DC 13. 8V
* Power consumption: <12W
Dimensions (LX W X H) : ( 225 x 165 x 46 )
* Weight: 0. 93 kg
* TV frequency, VHF 48. 25~ 423. 25 MHZ, UHF 431. 25~ 855. 25MHZ
* FM frequency 88MHZ~108MHZ, 8 channel (CH0~CH7)

Model: PDVD8048
Origin: China
Min. Order: 50pcs