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TV standard PAL-D or customized
Frequency range: 470-870MHz
Power: 10KW
Modulation: d87.5%
Audio/video carrier frequency attenuation: 6.51 0.001MHz
Video carrier frequency stability: 300Hz/month
RF output: L27 flange
Video/audio Power ratio: 10: 1
Impedance: 50(Ohms)
Power consumption: 20KVA
Dimension 1997mm(height) W 1474mm(Width) W 1100mm(Length)

Video Performance:
Video input level: 1Vp-p, synchro pulse 0.3V
Input impedance: 75(Ohms)
Frequency stability >1 300Hz/month
Light linear: <= 10%
Multi-delay frequency characteristic: MAX range 1 50ns; 1 30ns at 4.43MHz
Gain distortion: <= 5%
Phase distortion: 1 40
Twice harmonic output: <= -60dB
Periodic spurious emission signal/noise ratio (<= 1KHz) ; >= 50dB
Continuous random spurious emission signal/noise ratio (10KHz-6MHz) : >= 50dB
Color/light gain attenuation: <= 5%
Color/light delay attenuation: 1 30ns

Audio performance:
Frequency stability: >1 300Hz/month
Frequency departure: 1 50KHz(100% modulation)
Input level: 01 6dBm
Input impedance: 600(Ohms)
Amplitude frequency response: <= 1 1dB(30Hz-15KHz)
Pre-emphasis time: Constant 50<s
FM noise: <= 60dB
Harmonic distortion(frequency deviation 50KH) : <= 1%(30Hz-15KHz)
Cross modulation distortion: <= 10%

Environment condition:
Temperature: 0: C--+35: C
Relative humidity: <= 95%(25: C)
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106KPa
Power supply: 380VAC(+10% - 10%) Three phase
Cool method: Air cooling

1. Module design with reasonable structure and easy for installation and maintenance.
2. Computer monitoring system with the function of remote control and failure alarm.
3. Standby and redundancy design and can realize zero transmission stop.
4. Dual exciter and can be standby each other.
5. The power module has the protection function of over current, over voltage, balance, over VSWR, over exciting, over temperature etc.
6. Switch power module has various protection systems. Overall machine can monitor the operation of each power supply.
7. Cooling system uses low noise centrifugal blower that can effectively reduce the ambient noise.

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