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AW-4MTVT Multiplexing TV transmitter, which transmits 4 sets of TV programmes every unit, also transmits Multi-sets of TV programmes according to local actual conditions carry on multi-units combination used, in conditions of various fields such as economic allowed. If processed CATV transmit, transfer some part of this equipment to the little head-end adjacent frequency correspondingly. By this way, it not only save equipment fund but also solved the problem that rural villagers watch few TV programmes at present.


1) Transmit 4sets of TV programmes in the same time, frequency range: 550MHZ-650MHZ

2) Every set transmit power is 1~3W, coverage area 1~2.5km (radius)

3) modulate, transmit incorporate, modularize. Easy to installation, adjust, maintenance and manage.

4) Broadband high gain transmit antenna adopt special frequency band spread technology, spread bandwidth to above 30% on the premise of not reducing and launching any index of the antenna

5) The whole machine is CPU controlled, avoid the external interference maximally

6) Adopt the original advanced numerous frequency conversion technology, reduce the mutual interference maximally.
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