Sell TV Video System Converter(PAL->NTSC)

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Product Feataures:

1) Converts any PAL into a NTSC signal
2) Input: PAL A/V system
3) Output: NTSC A/V system
4) For video game systems, DVD player, VRC and other AV equipment
5) Composite video in and out
6) Comes with a 100v-240v power supply
7) Only works on the NTSC 50Hz compatible TV, auto sync TV or NTSC TV with a V-hold button

The TV Video System Converter (PAL -> NTSC) converts any PAL A/V system signal into a NTSC signal. Optimal for video game consoles, DVD players, video recorders or any other kind of AV equipment. The unit comes with an AV composite cable as well as a 100v-240v power supply

Note: NTSC to PAL converter is available too