Sell TWG Series Three-Phase Brushless Synchronous Generator

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TWG series, three-phase brushless synchronous generator is our newly developed one, by introducing foreign advanced technology of well-known generator. Its body is constructed by steel shell and its rotor is made as whole salient pole type with full damping, it utilize brushless self exciting method and automatically controlled by AVR . It features small-size, light-weight, delicate appearance and perfect performance.
The technical performance and mounting dimension of TWG series generator is coincident with international IEC norm and relevant national standard to fulfil, the quality of which can reach up-to-day international level . Main performance index:
1. four-pole brushless controllable self-exciting, drip-leak-Proof; ( IP21 protect class) , class F insulation.
2. Full-damping whole salient construction guarantee generator to operate stably in any condition, and enable it to overspeed running under 150% rated r/p/m.
3. Adjusting rate of stable voltage<11%, adjusting rate of instant voltage: -15% ~+20%
4. wave aberration rate of voltage, harmony wave factor of telephone THF<2.5%, effective factor of telephone TIF<50
Applications This series generator has been extensively utilized as a standby power supply on post and telecommunication institutes, banks, stock exchange centers, airports, hospitals, hotels, commercial building and factories. It can also be applied as a prime power supply for ships, mines, and armies as well as highway construction and other rugged environments.
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