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TwinB is our newest product for the oversea market in the year of 2009. It is a good news for our worldwide customers and users of gt1 and star tools. TwinB has all functions of Benz C3, c4 and Bmw GT1 diagnostic tools. TwinB full package includes MB Star C4 and TwinB GT1 Pro, which is small and has all functions of GT1 multiplexer. The setup of software will be easier and more simple. Only one hard disk will cover and replace three kinds of software DAS, DIS and SSS.
The features of TwinB:
TwinB Star C4:
1. TwinB Star C4 can be available for any kind of computer.
2. TwinB Star C4 has rs232/485 interface, which can connect with touch screen and also common screen.
3. TwinB Star C4 can work in the voltage of 12V/24V.
4. TwinB Star C4 can supply power to the computer by Power Cable.

TwinB GT1 Pro:
1. Self-protection: GT1 Pro Multiplexer will be turned off by itself if the voltage surpasses 15.8V during your testing, and it will restart if the voltage below 15.8V autometically.
2. TwinB GT1 Pro uses the newest software DK219.
3. TwinB GT1 Pro can also supply power to the computer by the interface of the LAN cable.
TwinB is very small and convenient to carry. It is very useful for site operation.
The TwinB package includes:
1. Benz c4 multiplexerW1pic
2. C4 cables:
-38pin cableW1pic
-diagnosis cableW1pic
-laptop cableW1pic
-power cableW1pic
-4pin cableW1pic
-TwinB OBD-16pin connectorW1pic
-TwinB MB-14pin connectorW1pic
3. BMW Gt1 Pro mutiplexerW1pic
4. Gt1 Pro cables:
-diagnosis cableW1pic(share)
-Lan cableW1pic -
-power cableW1pic(share)
-TwinB OBD-16pin connectorW1pic(share)
-BMW-20pin connectorW1pic
Warranty: one-year product quality warrantyAfter sale service:1) Free update during one year2) Free repair and maintenance service within one year3) Free technical support by internet or via phone