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TZJ Slurry Pump jointly developed by our company, China University Mining and technology, and Armory Machinery Research Department is cantilever, centrifugal, horizontal two-phase flow pump, which overcome 3 world-class difficulties. Designed in terms of the advanced international theory of Solid-liquid Two-phase Flow, the pump is characterized by high-efficiency, seal, and wearability, which has no rival in the market. Through making the inside and the inside shape of the parts completely conform to the track of complex movement; it minimizes the friction inside pump to make the energy transformed completely. Among TZJ series, high-flow and small-flux slurry pump is your first choice of the feed bump of the press filter. We can update and change the parts according to requirements of the customers to improve running security and prolong the service life for the purpose of high-efficiency, energy saving and resource saving.

TZJ Slurry Pump uses combined mechanical seal without base and leakage. Due to reasonable and advanced design of the bearing structure, it is not necessary to disassemble the pump while changing the bearing, with it not being heated in the operative process. Simultaneously, the design prepared special tools in view of the convenience of installation and maintenance, which can reduce the workload of maintenance.

The pump is mainly used in the industries such as coal, metallurgy, petrochemistry, municipal project, removing ashes, piping conveying, power station, nonferrous, mining.