Sell Ta(Tantalum) (F-ST-1021)

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Tantalum is a grey blue, heavy, and very hard metal which is almost completely immune to chemical attack under temperatures below 150C. Tantalum is ductile and it can be drawn into fine wire used as filament for evaporation purpose. This element has a very high melting point of 2996C, exceeded only by tungsten and rhenium.

The essentials:
Chemical formula: Ta
Color: grey blue
Atomic number: 73
Atomic weight: 180.94788 (2)
CAS registry number: 7440-25-7

Our tantalum products is available in a wide range of forms including powder, wire, foil, sheet, rod, strip, plate, tube, alloys and etc.
1) Tantalum powder
2) Tantalum wire
3) Tantalum foil
4) Tantalum sheet
5) Tantalum rod
6) Tantalum strip
7) Tantalum plate
8) Tantalum tube
9) Tantalum boats&crucibles
10) Tantalum pentoxide(Ta2O5)
11) Tantalum carbide
12) Tantalum alloys (Ta/W, Ta/Nb)

We also supply customer-made products upon your request.