Sell Tablet Four-usage Tester PJ-3

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It has four functions :detecting pharmic dissolution , disintegration. Friability/abrasion and Hardness tablet.
National standard (Chinese codex ) /2000/
Corporate standard (Dissolution tester ) Q/12XQ0187-2004
Corporate standard (Disintegration tester ) Q/12 XQ0188-2004
Corporate standard (Tablet friability tester) Q/12 XQ0189-2004
Corporate standard (Tablet hardness tester) Q/12 XQ0186-2004
Intellectualized , auto-control . auto test . auto-diagnose , auto-alarm .
The circular water current pumped by magnetism pump can heat the system equally , and the bath liquid can achieve and even temperature.
Temperature is high accurately auto-controlled.
Auto stop at timing point.
Parameters can be preset at any time , the preset and real data are displayed alternately in time.
It has three vessels and three poles arranged on one line . The head part of the instrument can be artificially turned over smoothly and flexibly .
Two disintegrations . run synchronously , auto stop at timing point .
The basket units and paddle units are made of imported stainless steel (SUS316L )
High accuracy is achieved in testing rotary speed and counting friability .
The hardness tester has high accuracy press sensor and hardness data is displayed in Newton.
It tests tablet hardness continuously , the tablet is loaded and pressed artificially .
Auto-display, auto-memorize, auto-rest . auto-reset.
Temperature range : (ambient to +39.9 0 ) 0.30
Speed range : ( 20200) rpm 1 2rpm
Automatic time range : ( 1900) min 1 0.5min
Stations of dissolution : 3
Paddle radial run-out : 1 0.5mm
Basket radial run-out : 1 1.0mm
Basket assemblies : 2
Nacelle back and forth frequency : (3032) /min
Nacelle back and forth range : (55 1 2) /mm
Drum : 1
Drums Size radius : ∮286 mm depth :39mm
Hardness range : (2-200) N
Probe procession range : (3-20) mm
Power 220V/50HZ/600W or 110V/60HZ/600W
Dimension : (590 x 300 x 480) mm3