One Time Sell Take over Fish Hatchery & Processing company

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Dear Madam , Sir,

Herewith we address ourselves to you with a business proposition / proposal.

But firstly allow me to introduce ourselves to you : Benelux Consult is an independent legal and juridical office located at the centre of Antwerp, Belgium.
Beside our services for international companies and individuals we are active as legal representatives, and trustees of our clients, for Belgian companies and International foreign companies as well.

In this quality we are looking f ro an interested party in a participation of a Fish Hatchery with Processing Unit abroad ( Egypt , adjacent , to the Mediterranean Sea ) for the breed and processing of "Marine Tilapia, Meiger, Cod, Mullet, Sea Bream, Sea Bass and options for Shrimps and Mussels", following the RAS ( Recirculation Aquaculture System )

The actual owner ( an American/Egyptian businessman ) is looking for a partner, preferably in the same or related branch, and offers him 80% of his company to take over, ( at that time established under a special statute for foreign companies.

The company hold s also an unique lease contract of 99 years with the Egyptian Government for a parcel of 410 Acres ( +/- 166 Ha ) inclusive ( including the needed licences for the exploitation of Agricultures, whereof 50 Acres ( 20 Ha ) are already alloted and appointed for Fish processing activities.

It concerns herewith relative "limited investment" where the owner is looking for a skilled partner, in order to build out his company also at a financial well considered manner.

Should you seriously be interested, don't hesitate to contact us to elucidate, this project more extendedly to you, and provide you with all necessary additional information.

Awaiting your reply in return, we meanwhile remain,

Sincerely yours,

with kind regards,