Sell Tanged Graphite Sheet & Graphite Roll

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Tanged Graphite Sheet
This product is made from materials of three layers. At the middle of the flexible graphite plates is one or more stainless steel plates (or nets ) or materials used by other users. Then, through specially pressing or sticking process, after that, the product is done. This is a kind of sealing packing with excellent comprehensive properties. It overcomes the disadvantage of low intensity of the ordinary gaskets. It can be used in the condition of high temperature, high pressure and sealing. This kind of materials has good compressibility and resilience, small stress relaxation, fine compensation function for uneveness of sealing surfaces and long working life. These plates are suitable for making gaskets of cylinders for air compressors, internal combustion engines and packings for different kinds of pipings, and flanges.

Thickness: 0.8~3.5mm
Width x Length: 1000mm x 1000mmor 1500mm x 1500mm or 1500mm x 2000mm

Temperature:-2000 ~ 8500
Pressure: 25Mpa PH:0~14

Graphite Roll
This product is made from high carbon content scale-like graphite through chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then rolling. It is a basic material for making different kinds of graphite sealing parts. Main uses: For making different kinds of graphite belts. packings, gaskets, composite plates, cylinder gaskets, etc. Properties:Working temperature-2000~16500(in non oxidizing media) . Special specifications can be ordered on customers' demands. Tensile strength>=4.0Mpa Tolerance of density:10.04% Tolerance of thickness:10.04%