Sell Tannic acid (electronics grade)

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Synonym: Tannic acid Tannin Chinese gallnut tannic acid
Molecular formula and weight: C76H52O46=1701.18
CAS: 1401-55-4.
Molecular formula and molecular weight: C76H52O46=1701.18

Characteristic: light yellowish to brownish powder, soluble in 1 part of water or alcohol, soluble in acetone, insoluble in chloroform or aether.

Main technical specifications:
Item Standard
content of Tannic Acid (dry substance) : >=99.5%;
Chloride: <=4.4 ppm;
Pb: <=2.0 ppm;
Fe: <=2.0 ppm;
sulfate: <=3.0 ppm;
moisture: <=10.0%;

Use: additive materials for fine chemistry and electronics industry.
Store: airproof and protect from light
Packing: net weight 20 kg per drum
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