Sell Tannic acid (pharmaceutical grade)

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Synonym: Tannic acid, Tannin, Chinese gallnut tannic acid
Molecular formula and weight: C76H52O46=1701.18
CAS: 1401-55-4.

Property: Light yellowish to light brownish powder, soluble in 1 share of water or ethanol, soluble in acetone, insoluble in chloroform or ethyl ether.

Standard: Conforming to Health Department WS-129(B) and USA Pharmacopoeia of 1990 edition.

Main specifications:
As: <=3ppm;
Solubility in water: In conformity;
Ignition residue<=: 0.2%;
Heavy metal: <=30ppm;
Gum and dextrin: In conformity;
Loss on drying: 9.0%;

Application: Tannic acid for medicine has the antiseptic, enzyme-eliminating and convergent effects. Being applied as antibiotics to treat tinea, eliminate toxic substances and cure diarrhea etc.
Packaging: In plastic bags of 500g net each, outside package is ply-wood cases of 40W500 g net each. In paperboard drum of 25 Kg Net each when exported.