Sell Tantalum Capacitor

no image You May Also Be Interested In: poly film
Special offer: TS20 Tant Chip Cap-SMD 10uF 25V 20% Case-C -- US$ 60.0/Kpcs based on 300Kpcs/lot

TS02 Met. Poly. Film Cap 0.068uF 400VDC 10% -- US$ 22.0/kpcs based on 300Kpcs/lot

TS13C Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor-SMD
4W5.4 US$16/kpcs
5W5.4 US$19/kpcs
6.3W5.4 US$22/kpcs

4W5.4 US$17/kpcs
5W5.4 US$20/kpcs
6.3W5.4 US$23/kpcs

For more competitive price pls. feel free to send me inquiries with qty. Thanks.