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Item: Tap Filter
Model No. : TF-3-A
Service Temperature: 5-45 Centigrade
Remove Bacterial Rate:>99.99%
Remove Coliform Rate: >99.99%
Water Filtration: 1500L
Flow Rate: 0.5-2L/min
Water Pressure: 0.1-0.35 MPa
Filter Medium: Ceramic Filter, Energy mineral ball, Fibre treated with activated carbon
1. This filter has special design of water flow measure sets, when the filtered capacity reach 1.5t, the filter will stop working automaticlly.
2. Two way outlet for filterd and tap water according to your need.
3. The fibre treated with activated carbon can strengthen filter effect.
4. The additional energy mineral ball includes anti-bacteria mineralizing ball, anti-bacteria activated ball and activated negative ion ball, which can release mineral material, especially, trace element to supplement humanbody need.
5. Ceramic filter is easy to wash the impurities by the sand paper.
6. It is small in size, light in weight and it is very convenient to be installed.
1. It adopts micro-hole ceramic filter core, the diameter is 0.1-0.3um, which can stop the impurities and bacterias on the face of the filter core, Highly efficient to remove bacterias and impurities in water.
2. the filtered water contains trace elements that are very necessary to human body.