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Item: Tap filter

Model No : TF-1-A
Specification Size: 62*36*28cm
Outer Material: ABS
Filter Medium: Compound carbon fiber and particle carbon core or KDF core
Functions and Characteristics:
1. Easily installed on faucets;
2. The convenient selector provided allows you to switch from filterd or unfilterd water.

Carbon Core:
Improve water quality by removing chlorine, organic chemicals, turbidity,
mud, taste, odor, sand, rust and suspended solids

KDF Core:
1. Remove 99% of the chlorine, arsenic and fluoride
2. Remove 98% of the heavy metal ions in water
3. Prevent microorganism proliferation and reduce mineral scale buildup
4. Remove sulfurated hydrogen, bivalent iron, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen
5. Reduce suspended solids, chroma and turbidity

Household vessel, fruit washing and other usage.