Sell Taper-cup Grinding-wheels No.1

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>>> Taper-cup Grinding-wheels are used in grind milling cutter, reamer, expanding drill, draw knife, discal lathe-tools, slotting cutter etc. Outer wall angle in 500 could grind the plane with pitch for instance lathe guide-rail, blade adapter etc.
>>> Grinding is one of the major processing in Half-Precision Process and Precision-Process. Grinding-wheels adopted in Plane-grinder, Outer-Rotary grinder and Inner-Rotary grinder as a very important role. It also could be used for blade-grinding.
>>> Grinding-wheels are manufactured into different models and patterns according to specfic grindings and grinders. Ordinary Grinding-wheels include: Plain Grinding-wheel, Tubbish Grinding-wheel, Cup Grinding-wheel, Dished Grinding-wheel and Taper-cup Grinding-wheel etc.