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Tara powder fp: This product can be used for the leather vegetable tanning, its tannin content is between 52-53% and it is 100% mesh 100 but we can offer other qualities.

Tara Powder is a natural source of Tannins extracted from the Tara Pods (Caesalpinea Tinctoria) . The tannin of the Caesalpinea Tinctoria or Tara from Peru has a pyrogallic character but small quantities of catechol derivatives also occur in it.

Tara Powder is free of substances and consequently it permit to obtain very bright and lightfast leathers. Likewise our product Tara Powder offer to the leather processors softness and fullness, keeping a very fine and tight grain. The grain of leathers tanned with Tara Powder has a higher resistance to breaking load in comparison with others natural tannins.
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