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This is a portable Q-switch tattoo removal, which based on instantaneous high energy of laser. The type of tattoo removal is much popular in many countries, as Japan and China.

The pigmentation of body can be effectively broken up into pieces and removed by laser instantaneous high energy. Laser at certain wavelength can penetrate epidermis to lesion tissues within the extremely short time, then break up the corresponding chromospheres immediately. The corresponding pigment expands rapidly and explodes into pieces. Part of the pigment will be bounced out from patient's body at the moment, while the other part the pigment will split into the tiny granules that can be engulfed by phagocytes of the body. After the digestion of phagocytes, it can be excluded from the lymphatic system. The pigment of the injured tissues gradually becomes shallow until disappears, while no injured trace will be left on the peripheral normal tissues, for they will not absorb the laser of the fixed wavelength.


-- Entire solid state laser green environmental protection machine

-- Long working life of the Q-switch, stable working

-- Permanently removal of pigment, safe treatment and low risk of scarring

-- With the flexibility in treatment energy control gives little but tolerable pain effect. In most cases, it is unnecessary to use the cream to numb the patients' skin

-- Quick recovery, and bring little influence to patients' normal activities. After treatment, the slight edemais will disappear within a few days

-- Tiny and portable design for easy carrying

-- Simply and easy operation

-- Quick return on investment

Technical Specification:

-- Type: Gem-adjusting Q-switch with DKDP & KTP ND: YAG

-- Spectra wavelength: 1064nm & 532 nm

-- Max. Energy: <= 600mj (1064nm) & <= 350mj (532nm)

-- Pulse Width: < 6 ns

-- Frequency: 1Hz ~ 5Hz (Adjustable)
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