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Tattoo Removal

This is a movable Q-switch tattoo removal, which based on instantaneous high energy of laser.

We supplies jetpeel skin rejuvenation machine (water-oxygen machine) , Laser breast enhancer, Intense Pulse Laser skin rejuvenation, Hair removal, tattoo removal, RF skin rejuvenation, wood lamp etc.

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-- Entire solid state laser green environmental protection machine.
-- Long working life of the Q-switch, stable working.
-- Permanently removal of pigment, safe treatment and low risk of scarring.
-- With the flexibility in treatment energy control gives little but tolerable pain effect. In most cases, it is unnecessary to use the cream to numb the patients' skin.
-- Quick recovery, and bring little influence to patients' normal activities. After treatment, the slight edemais will disappear within a few days
-- Simply and easy operation

Treatment range:

The system gem-adjusting Q-switch can effectively cure the mixed pigments by pigment precipitation of extraneous source with pathological pigment change of endogenous source.

1064nm wavelength: Flecks, traumatic, pigment sediment, tattoo, dark colors around eyes, blue pigment with pathological changes.

532nm wavelength: shallow coffee-color flecks, red or brown tattoo, tattooed eyebrows and lips, brown pigment with pathological changes.
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