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Taurine (food & pharmaceutical grade)

Product Name: Taurine, 2-amino ethanesulfonic acid, Ox gall acid, Ox cholic acid;
Molecular formula: C2H7NO3S;
Structural formula: NH2-CH2-CH2-SO3H;
Molecular weight: 125.25;
CAS No. : 107-35-7;
H. S. Code: 29224910.

Taurine Property: Taurine is white crystalline powder and odorless. It is soluble in water but insoluble in ethanol, ethyl ether and acetone. Conditionally esstential nutrient for mammalian growth.

Taurine Application: as dietary supplement for the development of the cells of cerebellum and retina; also used as surfactant, moisturizing agent, emulsifier, fluorescent whitener, pH buffer, reagent, feed additive, etc.
Packing: in 25kg kraft paper bag or cardboard drums.
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