Sell Taxifolin (Dihydroquercetin)

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Purity - 96,79%

Taxifolin is a reference antioxidant, its active substance is dihydroquercetin  3,3,4,5,7-pentahydroxiflavanon  flavanoid of P-vitamin antioxidant group, it was researched and patented by Russian scientists and extracted by unique technology without use of any chemical reagents.

Its antiradical activity shows at concentration approximately 0,0001 - 0,00001 % at complete absence of mutagen activity for the person.
This substance is extracted out of larch wood (Larix Sibirica L and Larix Daurica T) .
A lot of antioxidants with different features are known at present moment, but taxifolin is the most powerful natural substance, so required for human organism.

Taxifolin is widely used in medicine, food production, cosmetics production, agriculture and technical branches.
In pharmacology it is recommended for complex treatment of an avitaminosis, ischemic illness of heart, an atherosclerosis.
It renders positive effect on a function state of a liver, promotes regeneration of drainage function of bronchuses and bodily machineries of respiration, and improves a cardiac performance.
It can be part of the fitoconcentrates intended for prophylaxis and for treatment of diabetes, diseases of a liver and a gallbladder, a gastrointestinal path, a prostate gland, nephroses and urinary bladder, and also cardiovascular diseases.

Taxifolin is recognized as the most important source of P-vitamin, most effectively supporting
human vital activity. Although a great demand on this product is present in the world, world market is almost empty:
Taxifolin made by US, Canadian and French companies is available in minimal quantities and is extremely expensive 800-1000 US dollars per gram, in a catalog of a leading company in selling taxifolin, the price is 1700 euro per gram.
The reasons for such a high level of prices are lack of resources, with a high level of flavonoids, also high price for the technology.

We possess a unique, patented technology of obtaining taxifolin in a native form, allowing to process big volumes of raw materials, at a low cost and with the purity level of 97 percent and higher.