Sell Tea Plucking Machine

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cutting width 530
packign size 960*285*230 470*330*330
Net weight 5.3
soft shaft length 920
speed reducing ratio 3.87
blade single blade
Driving model Automatic centrifugal cluch
Rotating direction of blade Line opposite moving
Tea leaves rending ratio 10%
Wind and corresponding rotational speed 30m/s(6500rpm)
Speed r/min 3600-3800
Back mat vibrancy <5
handle vibrancy <5
noise high speed <90
idle speed <75
engine Type 1E34F
bore 34
Stroke 28
Displacement 25.6
Rated moveing speed 650
Fuel Consuption !\680
Carburetor type Diaphragm type
spark plug model BM6A
start type hand-pulled rope self-return
fuel 93# 93#
Lubrication oil Special lubrication for two-stroke engine (FC)
Oil tank