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Tea tree is a small tree in the myrtle family that grows in wet ground on the northern coast of New South Wales and southern Queensland, Australia. The essential oil is produced commercially on plantations in New South Wales.
Interest in tea tree oil emerged in the 1920s when Australian researchers found it had up to thirteen times greater antiseptic activity than carbolic acid, then a well-known germicide. In 1930, The Medicinal Journal of Australia revealed that the oil, when applied to carbuncles and pus filled infections, dissolved pus and inhibited bacterial growth without damaging surrounding tissues. Further studies established the oil as a disinfectant in soaps, a topical treatment for parasitic skin diseases, and a deodorant for wounds. A couple of drops in a glass of water were recommended as a gargle for sore throat at early stages of inflammation. Its confirmed antiseptic activity, gentleness to oral mucosa, and apparent lack of toxicity endeared it to Australian dentists. Physicians used the oil to treat throat infections, dirty wounds, Candida, and fungal infections including ring worm and athlete's foot.
Supply Capacity
300 tonnes p.a
ISO and Australian Standards
Minimum Order Quantity
1 tonne