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Common Name: Tebuconazole
Chemical Name: (RS) -1-p-chlorophenyl-4,4-dimethyl-3-(1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl) pentan-3-ol
CAS No. : 107534-96-3
HS Code: 3808209029

Molecular Formula: C16H22ClN3O
Molecular Weight: 307.81
Physical Properties:
Technical product is Colourless to light brown powder.
Solubility in water Dispersible; soluble in acetone.
Melting Point: 102.4-104.70C
Tebuconazole is a fungicide for the control of smuts, bunt, seed rots and seedling blights on barley, oats and wheat as a seed treatment and for the control of Fusarium Head Blight on wheat as a post-emergent treatment.
Technical Purity: 95%TC
Formulation Type: 25%EC, 25%EW