Sell Teeth Whitening Gel

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Teeth Whitening Gel

1. One of core products of teeth whitening. And we can provide the best quality gel.

2. We can provide Carbamide Peroxide Gel and Hydrogen Peroxide Gel with different concentration.

3. We can provide different kinds of packing to fill the gel as your required.

4. For teeth whitenig syringe, our conventional volume is 3ml or 5ml.

5. Our conventional concentration of C. P Gel is 16%, 22%, 35% or 44%. Our conventional concentration of H. P Gel is 10%, 12%. And we are pleased to provide OEM services.

For detailed information, please feel free to contact us.

We can supply all kinds of teeth whitening products and related products. You can DIY your's own teeth whitening kit.