Sell Telemetry ECG Monitoring System

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Features Specifications:
Comprehensive and accurate analysis capabilities - fully Holter Analysis the analysis is highly flexible and accurate and the report is comprehensive. Besides it can offer replay and Holter analysis for any nursing or ECG of any storage data.

* arrhythmia analysis (analysis of heart rate, ST-segment analysis, etc. ) : It can analysis any 24-hour ECG, ST segment, a tendency graph of heart chamber, the minimum and the maximal heart rate ECG, as many as 50self- selectedECGs. Intuitive, accurate, flexible, vivid guardianship interface

*There are four and eight guardianship pattern that is flexible.

* Personalized color: graphic background, users can design their own with the revision.

* Intuitive, accurate, real-time display ECG, heart rate, ST-segment, and other content; summary records not only show that can also edit and revise their hands to prevent misuse.

* Timely alarm and display: a call nurses, inadequate battery electrode loss, abnormal electrocardiogram, and ST-segment abnormalities, such as arrhythmia contents of a number of alarm, and can report on the recent 1000 points memory and playback.

* Accurately distinguish alarm: heart rate, ST-segment alternately flashing red and white high value, low white flashing green, white normal show. Preferences can be modified and heart rate, ST-segment of the alarm limits.

* ECG with the storage and playback, freezing, thawing, search, and other functions, can be read at any time, playback, zooming, testing, as a print with a time of the ECG.

* Scheduled to custody, guardianship theoretically unlimited time, and visual display can be scheduled seven days to the custody of progress.

* A brownout protection, can resume the ECG information that do not storage.

* with self-checking function and system operation shows.

* Variety of audio alarm sounds good effect.

* Structure is effective to prevent misuse

Wireless telemetry network

* Single-and double-in the same, analog and digital options.

* Prescribed as a single antenna telemetry from 30 meters (radius) , the receiving antenna can be expanded by increasing the distance to ward.

* Specialized anti-jamming circuit design, in any case records high-quality ECG shape.

* Two 5th alkaline batteries can work continuously more than 72 hours of, the average failure-free operation time is more than 10,000 hours.

Application Environment

* Unique: Both real-time wireless telemetry and patients may wish to normal life, in the discharge of the patient before normal life simulation Monitoring and Observation, with irreplaceable advantages of Holter monitor.

* Extensive: This system is not only a clinical monitoring functions and with Holter analysis function, which can be widely used in ICU, CCU, cadres wards, nurses stations, first-aid centre need to monitor patients with ECG information site