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The MMED600RD family of telemetry systems provides advanced clinical capabilities in one powerful system. Whether your environment is a single department or the largest of multi-hospital, MMED600RD addresses the complete spectrum of telemetry requirements through exceptional scalability, clinical capability and innovative technology.
Telemetry Monitoring System

X 17"color display monitor laser printer
X Monitoring 1~16 patient beds simultaneously.
X Display 3 waveforms for each bed: ECG, PLETH, and RESP.
X Monitoring six parameters: HR, NIBP, SPO2, PR, Dual-TEMP and RP
X Patient database information can be viewed on screen or printed out
X Bi-directional communications between telemetry monitors and central stations
X 72 hours data and ECG waveform storage and review, and can be printed out
X 72 hours trends review for HR, SPO2, NIBP, and RP.
X Powerful analysis: arrhythmia, ST segment. HRV analysis
X Screen can show power status of telemetry monitor
X Review the previous 2000 alarm events for each bedside monitor