Sell Telephone Control Thermostat

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F2000 Telephone Control Thermostat provides telephone access to heating and cooling controls. This type product provides reliable, precise temperature controlling and setting even though you're not at home. At same time, this type thermostat has timing function, working-day and weekend programmable function, which satisfies your need of energy saving.

1>Remote controlling to the furnishings, such as air-conditioning, heating boiler and electric radiator;
2>Provide comfortable environment with energy saving: turn on the air-conditioning or heating boiler before you back home and give you a comfortable indoor temperature.
3>Remote setting of anti-frost function: when you leaving home a long time, you can set thermostat to protect the water pipe, furnishings and green plant through telephone;
4>With F2000 thermostat, you can remote control air-conditioning or heating boiler to on and off by telephone, further more, you can inquire and set indoor temperature and working mode of the air-conditioning or heating boiler.