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The cabinet has stylish and unique outline offering a modern and streamline aesthetic feeling. The surface for mounting the handle is designed to be humanized obliquity outwards by 15 degree. Splendid and exquisite shape can match well with the environment in both the city and the countryside giving a wonderful landscape picture. The additional features of this cabinet are:
1. The elliptic window is used for exquisite outline and can match with various types of LCD screen (elliptic size is 98W56) . A reinforced transparent bulletproof plastic is added on the screen for protection. 128W64 dot-matrix LCD with back light.
2. Keypad is mounted in a undercutting position with the size of 87(width) W115(height) to match with various types keypads. 19-position keypad is selected to meet the requirements for internet, IP and short message.
3. Expansion mounting structure is designed to allow for various types of card reader.
4. Hook for receiver rest or magnetic reed pipe can be mounted as required by customer.
5. Antenna can be mounted either on the front right cover, back right cover or back left cover as required by customer. The selected antenna has high capability of anti-vandalization.
6. The mounting structure of card sliding slot is designed to allow for credit card application.
7. The maximum space for built-in main board is 230W140W30, with hinge joint mounted at the left side of the main board for easy installation and maintenance.
8. Steel wire nail technology is introduced on the double-ended bolt for mounting stainless steel shield with high anti-prying capability.
9. Switch lock can stop the toothpick from inserting and prevent foreign substance effectively.
10. Front and back cover has tight lockdown, and door inspection switch is mounted to prevent illegal operation.
11. The cabinet is suitable for wired (IC) public phone or wireless public phone.
12. Inside space is sufficient to mount 2 telephones of 12V 2.3Ah.
13. Material: aluminum alloy die-cast
14. Dimension: 336mm X 260mm X 133mm
15. Total thickness of the machine (including handle) : 171.6mm
16. Application scope: wired/wireless public phone