Tell International Co., Ltd.

We are a Myanmar seafood processor and exporter.
Our main FROZEN products as follows:-

1) Lobster in Whole Raw, Whole Cooked, Half-Cut, Lobster Tail, Lobster Meat.

2) Slipper Lobster Whole Raw, Tail, Meat.

3) Mantis Shrimp Whole Cooked.

4) Mud Crab Whole Cooked, Crab Meat.

5) Swimming Crab Whole Raw, Whole Cooked, Half-Cut, Crab Meat.

6) Grouper, Snapper Whole Round, Whole Gutted.

7) Ribbon Fish, Leather Jacket. . etc. .

8) Fresh Water Fish Whole Round, Whole Gutted. .
Sim K.N.
[95] 1 299276
No. 118, Bogyoke Aung San St.
Yangon, Yangon, 951, Burma
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