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Taylor garland: Plum ring are at the basis of newly developed products, also known as A-type plum ring, are surrounded by many round-shaped junction formed ellipsoid such as the filler, and between the Department at an additional stiffener and was "A" shape, thereby greatly enhancing the compressive strength of the rosette (A-type are considered among the original rosette fill the shadow of the effective area of overlap 40%, by switching to A-ring packing Plum solve the overlapping part of the problem, using "1" strut reinforced filler inter-circle intensity) . At the same time, the filler filler in addition to a general flux, and pressure drop, etc. , but also because the department can fill the gap has a higher liquid holdup, the tower will enable the liquid residence time is longer, such an increase of gas-liquid two-phase contact time, improve the packing efficiency of the mass transfer
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