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Silver gray substance, insoluble water & non-oxidized acid. Insoluble in nitric acid, strong vitriol & hot strong alkali solutions. Tellurium, a kind of dissipated element, Tellurium and its chemical compound are semiconductor material in electronic industry. TeO2, an oxide of tellurium, is formed by telluriums bumping in the air or oxidation lf hot nitric acid.

High quality materials to manufacture photo electricity and thermoelectricity parts, Widely used in metallurgy, electric, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace. National defense industry, especially used in high tech fields, such as computer, Ir. Remote sensing, military technology etc. It is also a vulcanizing agent of rubber and used for material of making the light sensitive resistor and light-sensitive battery.

1# Tellurium ingot; about 25kg(8 ingots) in plastic vacuum bag with outer wood box; High pure tellurium; 10-12kg in aluminum plastic film vacuum bag with outer iron drum.

Item Test Value(%)
Te 99.99 Min
Cu 0.0005 Max
Pb 0.0005 Max
Fe 0.000835 Max
Bi 0.000758 Max
Na 0.00104 Max
Mg 0.0005 Max
Al 0.0005 Max
Se 0.00131 Max
As 0.0005 Max
S 0.0005 Max
Si 0.000666 Max
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