Sell Temperature Spatula with LCD

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ITEM: Temperature Shovel with LCD
MODEL: S-280
*Shovel and saw.
*Electric power: auto shut-off.
*With liquid crystal display on screen and beep sound.
*Great for beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey indoor cooking and outdoor grilling.
*Rubberized grip.
*With readable air temperature.
*Full size shovel with stainless steel tines and built-in thermometer.
*Tell you exactly when meat is done-never burn another steak or undercook chicken again.
*No need to guess-dont over cook again.
*Read food temperature instantly from rare to well done-in seconds.
*Perfect with BBQs ovens & microwaves.
*Just wipe clean.
*With beep sound.
*Also can be used to read air temperature.
*Attached temperature chart for every kind of meat.