Sell Temperature Transducer -YDL-T

Temperature Transducer -YDL-T You May Also Be Interested In: temperature transducer
Model No: YDL-T
Brand Name: yadata
Certification(s) : CE
Main function and characteristics:
Using the characteristic of the resistance value of platinum resistance (Cu) changing with temperature, transforming the temperature changes to the voltage changes, then by DC isolation transformation, obtains DC current and
voltage output correspond to the output of the measured point temperature with which is completely isolated with input (temperature transducer) . Adopts the three-line type platinum (Cu) resistance to measure electric circuit with
automatic compensation function.

Model description and parameters:
1) Model: YDL-T-R1-T2-P3-04
2) Name: YDL temperature transducer
3) Transducer division code: Pt100
4) Measuring range: 0  1000C
5) Auxiliary supply: DC 15V
6) Output range: DC 4V, 20mA

1) Standard: QB/441600 17 080-2001
2) Accuracy: 0.2%, 0.5%
3) Whole power consumption: <=1.5VA
4) Working stability: per year < 0.2%
5) Working frequency withstand voltage: AC1.0kV/min. 1mA
6) Insulation resistance: >=5m(Ohms) (DC 500V)
7) Impulse voltage: 5kV (peak value) , 1.2/50
8) Measuring range:-40&sim500oC may choose
9) Output signal: DC 5V, 10mA, 20mA, etc.
10) Load resistance: current output: when +12V, +15V auxiliary supply RL<=270(Ohms) when +24V auxiliary supply RL<=600(Ohms), voltage output: RL>=2K(Ohms)
11) Working condition: -10  500C, 20% - 90% no dew
12) Storage condition: -40  700C, 20% - 95% no dew
13) Installation mode: DIN (35mm) guide apparatus installation