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Free password setting function

One-touch open/close way

Lighting function for night use

Auto re-lock function

Alarm function for battery replacement

Protection function against burglar and mischief

Easy move and re-installation

Double lock system function

Password memory function


Free setting and modification of password (3~20 digits)
You may conveniently use and modify the password at any time with a sense of security needless to carry a key.

One-touch open/close function
One-touch button enables you to input and output the password by simplifying the use of password and indoor/outdoor open/close function

Night button backlighting system
Press the button '*' and you may see the digits even at night due to backlighting system as soon as your press the button

Auto re-lock function
You may choose the auto lock function as soon as the door is close, and if you do not open the door, it will auto-lock. (within 6 seconds)

Alarm function for battery replacement
Red lamp flashes on and off with the alarm for battery replacement.

Protection function against burglar and mischief
All functions will stop for 30 seconds if you enter the wrong password more than three times by mistake. It will protect you against burglar and mischief.

Convenient structural design for installation and move
Installation and move are so easy that everyone can install the product by using and leaving the existing secondary key hole as it is.

Indoor double lock system
The product has maximized safety for adopting the indoor double lock system.

Password memory function
The password once set is never deleted if a battery is discharged.

Outdoor double lock system
If you press the outdoor lock button for 3 seconds after locking the door outside, the indoor button won't function. This function will protect you against burglar through milk slot on the door. (Use this function if there is no one inside or if you go out for along time. )