Sell Terminator Infrared Beam Gun (Toy)

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Product Description:
Terminator simulates the world's known sports: Laser tag and paint ball in a home version.
The terminator is a futuristic designed blaster, featuring realistic sounds and life like effects.

After switching it on, an ammo indicator will start flashing, this indicates that you have 10 shots, according to the age and skills of the player the shot coverage can be adjusted for varying difficulty.
After each time you press the trigger the terminator will release and infra red beam and the cylinder will rotate indicating a shot has been fired.
After 10 shots taken the ammo indicator will stop flashing out of ammo, the reload lever needs to be pulled back in order to gain 10 more shots. Of course every action of the revolver is accompanied with sound effects increasing the players' excitement(on, off, fire, out of ammo, reload) .

Also included is the headset gear with a detachable target.
The helmet itself is adjustable and will fit any size.
The target has a patent pending optical receiver that senses shots from every direction!!
The revolutionary optical receiver senses the infra red beams sent by the revolver and activates a flashing light, sound effects and a vibrational shock indicating it got hit!
After 10 hits the target is disabled automatically terminated.
The target can be either placed on any kind of surface for practice mode, after acquiring aiming skills, attach the target to the helmet. . . Switch it to Vs mode. . .

Now the game begins. . . Your mission: Survival.
The infra red beam range is up to 75 feet!!!(Compare to a 7 store building)
The terminator game supports unlimited number of players and different game modes such as practice, single player and multiplayer.
The game can be played indoors and outdoors and in any lighting conditions, day and night giving the players the ultimate Vs experience seeing, hearing, feeling believing.

The terminator is available in 4 different colors distinguishing the different teams in a single set or a double set.

Minimum order 12pcs/ 1ctn
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