Sell Terra Cotta Warriors (TS-01) Kneeling Archer

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Product Name: Kneeling Archer Serial Number: TS-01
Color: Black---Brown ---Nature---Bronzy---colored
Specification: 185cm(the same as the original)
Height * Width * depth: 140*44*35 (CM)
Length of Arm: 58 (CM)
Head * Body * Leg: 30*48*83 (CM)
Package: Wooden box, inner foamed

It is one kind of the armored infantryman. It was unearthed from the center of the archer formation, which is located northeast of Pit 2. The pose of both hands evidences that this figure held one crossbow Originally.
Altogether 160 kneeling archers were found in Pit 2.
What do you think the man in the photo kneeling for?
From his gesture we can almost see he is holding an arrow and ready to shoot. Maybe this guy will be a champion if he has the chance to participate in Olympic games.

Now we manufacture and sell a serial of Mimic Terra Cotta Warriors of different colors and various specifications. The specifications are available in 15cm, 20cm, 35cm, 50cm, 75cm, 100cm, 150cm, 185cm(original) , 210cm and they could be colored by Bronze, Natural and Black etc---- or according to customer request.

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