Sell Tertiary Butyl Glycol or ETB , branched BUTYL GLYCOL

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ETB ( Tertiary Butyl Glycol )
Chemical Name : Ethylene glycol mono Tertiary Butyl ether .

Purity = 98.5 %Wt. Min.
Water Content = 0.2 %Wt. Max.
Color(Hazen No. ) = 5 Max.
Free Acid = 0.01 Max. %Wt.
Freezing Point = -120 'C
Ash = 0.005 Max. gr/100 ml
Distillation Range :
Initial Boiling Point(IBP) = 147 'C
Dry Point (DP) = 157 'C
Flash Point = 55 'C
Non Volatile Matter = 0.005 gr/100 ml

Packing = New Steel Drum( N. W. =190 Kg) , palletized.

Application :
ETB (Ethylene glycol mono Tertiary Butyl ether) , as far as you know BG(Butyl Glycol) is one the main solvent in Paint , Thinner and Resin industries in the world , recently BG is replacing with ETB in the world , because there are some advantages for it such as :

-Butyl Acetate is needed less when we use ETB instead of BG in paint & thinners specially synthetic thinner .
-ETB has not bad odor , unlike to BG .
-ETB is more available , also cheaper than BG .
-ETB is very suitable for Synthetic Thinner , industrial lacquer ,  .
-etc .

However please pay more attention that ETB (Ethylene glycol mono Tertiary Butyl ether) is difference with MTBE or ETBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether or Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) which are good additives in Fuels Industries .
Now we are speaking about ETB only .
As before said ; there are so many patents mentioned in references which indicates ETB is the best substitute for Butyl Glycol in the world .