Sell Tetra Acetyl Ethylene Diamine

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Molecular: C10H16O4N2
Molecular weight: 228
CAS: 10543-57-4
Specificity: White or color free-flowing granules, several colors (mainly white, green, blue) , density is 450-750g/L. Melting point is: 149.5~150.50(>=99%) . It is soluble in hot alcohol.
Usage: TAED is typically applied in domestic laundry detergents, automatic dish washing, bleach boosters, laundry soak treatments, to improve the washing performance. TAED could be applied in textile bleaching to react with hydrogen peroxide in the bleach bath to produce a stronger oxidant.
Package: In net 25kgs plastic woven bags with PE inner liner or 500kg 1000kg jamboo bag.
Product Properties Standard Specifications
Content% 9212
Particle Size Distribution% On 1.700mm Max.1.0 Through 0.150mm Min.3.0
Moisture% Max.2.0
Ferric% Max.0.002
Cuprum% Max.0.0004