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Product name: Tetramethrin
Chemical name:
Molecular formula: C19H25NO4
Molecular weight: 331.42
CAS No. : 7696-12-0
Property: White solid powder, S. g. /density is 1.1, V. p. is 0.00095Pa/30C, M. p is 68-70C, Soluble in benzene, methanol, acetone, xylene and chloroform, in water 4.6 mg/l.
Uses: Its knockdown speed to mosquito, flies, etc. is swift. It also has expellant action to cockroaches. It is often formulated with pesticides of great killing power. It can be formulated into vaporized liquid and aerosol.
Specification: Tetramethrin 95% Tech
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Package: Iron drums, 25kg/drum