Sell Texitile Additive

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1. International Technical Associates
--Aegis Environments USA
Aegis Microbe Shield Technology
Anti-Microbial AEM 5700/spray
Anti-Microbial AEM 5700/AEM 5772
--DEVAN Chemicals Belgium
Halogen Free FR Technology
Micro-Encapsulation Technology
DEVACAPS/Devasoft EX/ Devabound C
2. Water Borne PU Technology
--Leather/Primer/Mid-Coat/Top Finishing
--Textile Coating and Finishing
3. Plastic Surface Coating Technology
--ABS, PS, nylonand Glass Fiber Injection Article
For Replacement/Performance Auto Lamps
For Cosmetics/Cellular Phone Case
Remote Controller Case/Note Book
--PC, TR-90, Acetate Injection Artical
For Sunglasses/Golf Club