Buy Textile machinery

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We are a leading dealer of used Karl Mayer Raschel and Tricot machine in Fuzhou, China. We buy from abroad and sell within China.
We are interested to purchase following machines in large quantity, which are in good and running condition.
Warp knitting machines:
MRS24, MRS25, MRS30, MRS32, MRS36, MRS42, MRSS32, MRSS42, MRGSF31/16, MRGSF23/12, MRESJ43/1, MRESJ73/1, MRESJ78/1, MRPJF59/1/24, MRPJF54/1/24, MRPJ25/1, MRPJ43/1, MRPJ73/1, MRGF31/16, MRGF23/12, MRG25, RSE4-1and so on.
Tricot machines:
KS2, KS3, KS4, HKS2, HKS2-1, HKS2-2, HKS3-1, HKS2-3, HKS3-2 and so on.
Karl Mayer lycra warper and spare parts.
If you can source captioned warp kniting machines or have idle machines, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or fax. Your prompt reply will be very much appreciated.