Sell Texturized Fiberglass Cloth

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Texturized Fiberglass Cloth develops from the continual textile fiber fabric, which be better than the common fabric of strength and flexibility, moreover good feeling and no dazzling gloss.
The warp yarn and the weft yarn completely use the bulk yarn glass fiber, high strength, low density, high temperature resistant 550 0, good insulation, is suitable to the soft-hard tube insulation, refrigerator heat insulation overburden layer, fire protection and other insulation protectors, ships equipment insulation. comparing with the asbestos fabric, it has the excellent merit such as no dust, no harmful and so on, which is well instead of the asbestos fabric.
In filtering aspect, using the textile yarn, the texturized fabric can increase trapping dust surface area, lengthen trapping dust time, which is beneficial to the thin dust condensation. Because the texturized fabric filtration resistance is low, caused the filter efficiency and the speed obtains greatly enhanced.