Sell Texturized Fiberglass Rope

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Texturized fiberglass rope is woven from E or C fiberglass texturised yarn, with good insulation performance and heat resistance. It is an ideal product for thermal insulation, heat protection, fire curtains, welding blankets and expansion joints. Its service temperature can reach up to 5500.

Fiberglass is a good quality, non-organic and non-metal material, which is regarded as an important component of the technology revolution in the 20th century characterized by the development in material, energy and communication.
It was a long span of 5 thousand years from the production of the first glass fibre a few millimeters long to that of the first glass fibre in continuous length weighing a few grams. However it took mankind only 50 years to achieve the annual output of over 2 million tons of fiberglass since the manufacture of the first string of continuous glass fibre. This manifests the great power of technology revolution.