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Prima is natural skin care products which are fully saturated

with many valuable natural Thai plants extract. All products are well formulated by specialists who have been researching plants for years and produced by the GMP manufacturer. They are natural color and using natural constituents to take effect and good care of human skin. As well as the fragrance, which is delicately created from excellent natural raw materials with a team of experienced technicians within the industry of Aromatic products. They are produced to deliver the best quality of total products to our valuable customers. With regular use, Prima keeps your skin soft, healthy, young looking and helps preventing dryness and wrinkling.

Emollient Facial Cleanser : contains various fruit acids helps to start and end your day by deep cleansing pores, dissolves dirts, debris and excess oils. Restores your face to youthful skin and bright. It's gentle, non-

drying and easily washed off. It contains a unique blend of extracts for a unique, freshly, oriental flowery fragrance to give you a soother and refresh.

Moisturized Skin Wash : rejuvenates your body skin and increases moisture level. Gently cleanse leaving you a refresh and relax . This balanced blend of

cleansing and moisturizing agents keeps your skin hydrated and firm. The creamy and milky fragrance helps you feel so healthy and fresh.

Skin Relief Body Wash : with turmeric extract, delivers an effective cleansing, leaves your skin a softer and strengthier glow. It helps relieving skin irritation and prevents itchiness. With a refreshing flowery fragrance, you become lively after bathing.

Healthy Hair Shampoo : green chireta extracts and kaffir-lime extracts invigorate your hair and deep cleanses. It helps preventing scalp from bacteria, lessening hair losses, dandruff, and itchy scalp. It also provides natural moisturising and nourishing effects to scalp and hair root. The citrus scent gives you all the body and lift, just like aromatherapy in the shower. You can feel so clean, crisp and refreshing.

Live In Conditioner : optimizes the benefits of herb extracts, making your hair a great-looking. Natural antioxidant helps prevent tangles and leave your hair soft and silky. The citrus scent is just like aromatherapy in the shower which you can feel so clean, crisp and refreshing.
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